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Personalized training for aspiring data professionals.

Is data science mentoring for me?

One of the best ways to learn data science fast is through personalized mentoring.

Mentoring has the following advantages:

  • specalized - can focus on what you want to learn
  • closer technical support

Mentoring has the following disadvantages:

  • more expensive per hour

Use a personal mentor if:

  • your time is more valuable than the money

Happy customers

Matan - Became a Machine Learning Engineer

Testimony from Matan

Adam mentored me for about a year. He is very knowledgeable and I learned a lot from our session, he’s also a very nice guy.

I have reached my goal of finding a Machine Learning Engineer job, and Adam was of great help in achieving this goal. I would recommend him as a mentor to anyone trying to advance in the Machine Learning world.


Project Guidance and Partnership

Best practice frameworks & methodologies for building data science code bases.

Interview Practice

Technical, non-technical and competence questions.

Take Home Test Simulation

A common task done in the job application process for data science roles is the take home test. Feedback on your solutions.

CV & Cover Letter Review

Advice on how to setup a cover letter and CV for data science.